The 2019 Foresight Practitioner Conference

2019 Foresight Practitioner Conference Venue

Topic:  Artificial Intelligence—The Hype and the Promise for Forecasting and Planning
Dates: November 13-14, 2019
Venue: Rizzo Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Join us for a productive day-and-a-half at the spectacular 5-star Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill, N.C. Connect with a superb lineup of experienced practitioners and renowned scholars as we explore the potential impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on forecasting and planning. How will our jobs and organizations be affected when machines of equal or superior intelligence amplify, supplement, and even substitute for forecaster and planner roles?

Len Tashman (Foresight Editor) and Mike Gilliland (Forecasting Marketing Manager at SAS) will host this dynamic and important conference.

Download the conference flyer here. Feel free to share with your friends and colleagues.