About Us

A young company built on years of experience.

Wahupa is a startup based in the Greater Atlanta area. Even though the company is still young our team has previously worked together for many years building solutions for the same issues that Wahupa aims to address. Combined we have decades of experience designing, developing, marketing, selling, and implementing successful enterprise software solutions.

Our Goal

Supply Chain software has existed for half a century. But even after all these years they have not been able to adequately address the forecasting and planning issues supply chain companies need to deal with. The more advanced offerings give companies a competitive edge, but are extravagantly expensive to purchase, to implement, to run, and to maintain, making them unobtainable for smaller companies. Furthermore, whether a system is a good fit and will actually provide any benefit, is usually not known prior to purchase, adding great risk to great cost. Wahupa's first goal is to provide an enterprise-grade solution at a reasonable price point for smaller companies, and remove the risk altogether. But we do not stop there. Having worked with many such systems, recognizing both their strengths and weaknesses, we are driven to build a better product.  

Our Philosophy

Technology should be an enabler, not the goal itself, and certainly not an inhibitor. The software you use must be flexible enough to accommodate your requirements, not require you to adjust the way you work just so it can fit in the system. It should be exceptionally good at what it does, outperforming anything you could build yourself or any commercial system on the market right now. Finally, it should be so easy and intuitive to implement and use, you can build your own working proof of concept before you make a purchasing decision.