Join the Wahupa community

Wahupa is still young, our customer base is still small, as is our partner base, and our solutions are in various states of development, but we are dead serious about where we want to go and how to get there.

Become an early adopter

At this stage we are looking for customers that need a demand forecasting solution. This is our first commercial offering and we want to devote all our development and support efforts on only this solution for now. This is the way we can guarantee delivery on time, on spec and for a reasonable price.

The pros and cons

Being an early software adopter has well known downsides; most notably limited functionality and possible quirkiness of its behavior. The major upsides of being an early adopter are twofold. First, you have direct control over what functionality our product will contain and how it behaves. Second, you are not just a number, customer number X. You are just as important to us as - if not more than - we are to you. You will get the service with the personal touch all the time. As a bonus, we offer our early adopters deep discounted pricing to sweeten the pot. If you believed you could not afford a real enterprise-grade forecasting system, this may be your golden opportunity.

How does it work?

We or one of our current partners can implement the solution for you. But if you have a preferred consulting firm we can also train them and take a small part in the project, just so we can guarantee success. In all cases it is best to contact us directly at this stage.