Becoming an Early Adopter of Wahupa SCM

A key reason Wahupa is able to provide a best-of-breed solution for a reasonable price is our focus on only a select few industries, a narrow range of target customer size, and a single technology stack, rather than try to be everything to everyone. Ultimately our customers are manufacturers in one of the process industries (food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, consumer packaged goods, textile, apparel, paper), have annual revenue between roughly $25M and $250M, and run mostly on Microsoft. The target customer will have a need to improve forecast accuracy, get more efficient use out of inventory and capacity, and stabilize and streamline their supply chain and their factories.

Our early adopters will want to first focus on improving forecast accuracy, since our first release is limited to demand forecasting model type only. Once additional model types become available customers can expand their model easily.

To offset these temporary limitations there are benefits of being an early adopter. You will have direct influence on the functionality and behavior of the system, and also be given early views and opportunity to give feedback on new editions and model types prior to us opening this up to a larger audience. If you choose to become part of our reference program you can earn credits to partially or fully waive license fees for upgrades and additional models. Last but not least, we offer deep discounts on the first model to our early adopters.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please contact us for more details.