June 29, 2019
Wahupa releases 1.0 of Wahupa SCM

The first release of Wahupa SCM is now available! Functionality in this version is limited to just Demand Forecasting. While it is still narrow in scope, it does not skimp on its primary purpose: providing the highest possible forecast accuracy. The architecture of this release is ready for the future, allowing multi-tenant, multi-model deployment in the cloud. Please contact us if you wish to try it out for free on your company demand data.

July 3, 2017
Wahupa launches new website
It is an exciting time for Wahupa. As our startup gets ready to release its first commercial product in the supply chain software space we present a new website. Initially it will lack some content, but in coming weeks and months we will add tutorials, white papers, and other downloads. Our intention is to make this site a learning space, where customers, prospective customers, partners and practitioners alike will discover new concepts and hopefully be inspired to take their supply chains to higher competitive levels.