The Partner is King!

The Wahupa business model for our Enterprise Edition centers on our partners. We build and market our products; our partners for a large part sell and implement them.

In a typical implementation a partner company will be requested by a prospective customer to analyze the supply chain of that customer, and determine the pain points and critical factors. Then the partner will recommend a solution that will properly address the customer's issues or exploit new opportunities. This solution may be Wahupa or one of our competitors, since our partners usually also partner with a number of other vendors.

Alternatively, as a customer you may already have conducted the analysis and decided upon Wahupa as the way to go. You can bring along your preferred consultancy firm to do the implementation or contact one of our existing partners. In the former case Wahupa will train your consultants and your key project members on product use, as well as assist in the implementation. If you choose to use one of our existing partners this is not necessary since they already have experience with the product, and they will train your project members.