Our partners get the Royal treatment

Our ideal prospective partner is a consultancy firm that is experienced with analyzing supply chain management issues, implementing software solutions, and covers a geographic area or industry focus or technology focus that our existing partners do not.

We believe personal touch and attention are essential. Both for you, our partner, as well as our joint customers. Since we are not local for the majority of our customers, we cannot ourselves deliver this personal attention. This is why we believe our partners should fill that void and be our local presence, know the particular issues and know the local customs.

In return we will try to make your Wahupa experience as pleasant as possible. As a partner you get full use of the product and supporting materials, product training, assistance during first or complex implementations, and helpdesk support. All for minimal fees plus expenses.

Additionally, if your company is only just entering the supply chain management market, or the process industry niche within that market, we or one of our existing partners can provide you with the necessary training. This training is not product related, but focuses on the business issues. It is priced conform market standards.

To become a partner or request more information on the topic you may contact us at partners@wahupa.com.