Your privacy is paramount

We take your privacy very serious. Any personal information you provide will be handled with the utmost care. We will never share your information with others unless explicitly stated otherwise, and in the following situations:

if we are summoned to do so by law, in whatever country required where we operate, directly or through services partners, and only in sofar absolutely required by such law enforcement agency.

if you download a third-party document or application. We will share your information with that party, and the privacy policy of that party applies. We will explicitly mention when this is case, before you confirm your download.

if you express interest in being contacted by one of our services partners. We will share only your contact information with a chosen partner (based on your location and industry). No confidential information you may have shared with us will be shared with others, unless you explicitly direct us to do so.

statistical information is gathered by us on visitor browsing behavior of the website, on user activity within the customer / partner area, and on information you may submit to us. In no circumstance will we share any of such acquired information with others in any form that allows identification of individuals or business entities, bar the exceptions listed here.

We reserve the right to contact you based on any information you may submit. When we do, we will not do so lightly. If and only if you explicitly indicate that you desire such correspondence, we may send you updates, bulletins, whitepapers and other kinds of communications.