Next-generation supply chain management

Wahupa SCM is based on a proven successful concept with a slew of new innovations. We've taken our vast experience building best-of-class Supply Chain Management (SCM) products and started all over to build a product that will optimize your supply chain, and still be affordable. The main objective from first design onwards has been to enable rapid, easy and intuitive implementations, since together with license fee this is the biggest contributor to your total cost of ownership.

One product, many solutions

In contrast to any known software on the market sofar Wahupa SCM is a single product that will address the entire range of SCM issues (see our incomplete list of solutions in the left menu to name a few). The benefits are many. The biggest impact on your implementation cost is that no integration is necessary between SCM areas, and no duplicate data maintenance. The biggest impact on your return on investment is that it will generate better solutions. For example an optimal plan for your inventory will not be optimal for production or transportation and vice versa. By combining all these together an overall optimal solution can be found.

One product, many industries

Wahupa SCM is built in multiple layers. The core layers and user interface are the same for every customer. During implementation a model is assembled from a library of building blocks that is provided with the product. Some of these building blocks are industry-specific and the implementation team can rapidly and intuitively extend these or create new ones to address unique issues. Everything drag 'n drop, no programming being required whatsoever.

In short, you get an out-of-the-box standard product that will fit your unique combination of issues like a glove!

We feel Excel is the duct-tape of software. Highly versatile, but not the right tool to create reliable permanent solutions.

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The Issues of Excel

Excel is a very versatile and powerful tool. However, when used for planning and forecasting it has many well-known issues. We have assembled a list.

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