Master Planning

There are many variations of master planning, depending on the needs. Some companies perform only one level of detail and time horizon, whilst others do this in multiple steps. The common goal is to make plans that reach further into the future than near-term schedules, but not as far as strategic and buget plans. They come in the shape of capacity plans (e.g. RCCP), master production schedules (MPS, a misnomer), sourcing & distribution plans, supply chain plans, and many other forms and under many other names. Wahupa SCM will allow you build a custom model that includes any and all such considerations to achieve overall optimal plans, rather than a bunch of conflicting local optimal plans. It will provide these in multiple time granularities and ensure they all hold a single common version of the truth.

Stabilize the supply chain

Wahupa SCM is different in a few ways than other offerings on the market. Besides the mentioned ability to combine multiple aspects and time granularities, Wahupa SCM is unique in that it properly handles uncertainty. Any lead time, duration, rate, quantity, frequency or yield could be variable with an unknown or random portion. From history or as the system is used, planned versus actual values can be provided and the system will start to incorporate these to create plans for the future that remain valid for extended periods of time and allow the supply chain to stabilize. Chaos and fire-fighting become a thing of the past.

Standard and custom solvers

We will provide the option to use external solvers to optimize master plans. Whilst standard solvers will be provided as part of the licensing model, some external solver may be provided at an additional charge or may need to be installed as a prerequisite.

Please Note: Master Planning has not yet been released, but is on our product roadmap for the future.