Wahupa SCM pricing is based on your company's gross annual revenue. Determine your revenue, converted to US dollars, to determine the applicable column in the table below. The listed Trial option will be available starting later this year. Until then, we will offer deep discounts for early customers. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more.

current pricing, subject to change

License Fees

License fees are based on gross annual revenue. If you are a 100% independently operating subsidiary of a larger holding corporation you may use the annual revenue of your subsidiary. If your supply chain is in any way materially connected (for example sharing warehouse space, factories, or distribution channels) to the supply chains of the holding or any of its other subsidiaries you must include revenue of all such connected legal entities.

Whilst Wahupa SCM is built on a single data model, individual planning problems are addressed with individual planning models. Each planning model will go through 3 distinct stages in its life cycle. The model is created in its Development stage, validated in its Test stage and used live in its Production stage. When changes need to be made to a model as business needs change, a copy of the production environment will be made, which goes through the same life cycle again to be merged into the live version when all tests are passed successfully. Development environments are free, but limited to one plus the number of paid models. Each paid license gives access to 1 concurrent production environment plus 1 concurrent test environment. Each model addresses a type of supply chain problem. An example end-to-end solution may include one demand model, one inventory model, and one manufacturing model across the entire business.

All licenses provide access to unlimited users, with the exception of the free trial.

Contracts are optional, but if signed will cap your license fee for the duration of the contract. If we raise our prices your payments will not be increased. If we lower our prices, you will pay the lower of your contract or the new price. Any fees paid upfront will also be free of any increases during the paid period. Any reduction in price will be subtracted from future payments.

Payment of license fees are all due within 30 days of the start of the license period.


Wahupa SCM is designed to be so simple that you should not need much if any support services. However, if the need does arise, anyone can ask questions in the forum or in chat (during US office hours) or look for answers already provided there. Dedicated time from our support team can be purchased ahead of time. Support during development and testing stages of a model are provided in 12 hour increments at an hourly rate of $100. All paid licenses receive the first 12 hours free per each year. Support in the production stage of a model is 25% of license fees, payable to Wahupa or a certified support partner of your choice.

Note that implementation services are not included in above support services. These are generally incurred during a scoped and separately billed one-time implementation project. Wahupa may offer implementation services, the size and cost of which needs to be determined on ad hoc basis, but you are welcome to use any services provider of your choice instead and determine cost with them directly.

Free Trial

You may register for a free trial, which provides all functionality of the paid license with the following exceptions:

  • Free use up to 1 year from start. No credit card or any other payment info required. Term may be extended, either at Wahupa's discretion or by your request if needed.
  • Access limited to 1 Development Environment. Access to additional Development instances may be requested. The free trial provides no access to Test or Production environments. Development environments can perform all calculations, but workflows cannot be scheduled to run at set times in automated fashion and old plans get overwritten by new plans.
  • Since the free trial can only run in Development environment we also do not provide Production support. It is possible to purchase Development support in 12 hour blocks at an hourly rate of $100.
  • After 3 months of no activity the environment may be automatically deleted.
  • Number of users is limited to 1.

The above should provide ample time to demonstrate the amount of value provided by the system before making any purchase decision. The system is designed to be so simple to use that it should be possible to create your own fully functional demo-grade model using just the free trial and available documentation without any need for paid consultants. Our aim is to remove all risk and all upfront cost from the use of our software.