Finite Capacity Production Scheduling

No more firefighting!

Production scheduling is an area within SCM that aims to make feasible production schedules; i.e. schedules that you can hand to the shopfloor personnel and they can run the factory on it. In production scheduling there is no such thing as an optimal plan. Unexpected things happen and change continually during production and a plan that ignores uncertainty may be "optimal" one minute and be useless the next. Wahupa SCM is unique in that it incorporates uncertainty to create schedules that are valid much longer, allowing the activity on the factory floor to stabilize.

The planner is in total control

Naturally any good production scheduling system should generate plans that are feasible without user intervention. But the golden rule is: the planner knows best. The planner has all the means to tweak the plan as desired and react instantly when unexpected events occur. These events may be rush orders coming in or machine breakdowns or disapproved batches to name a few.

The system fits your business

More importantly though, is that the scheduling system is able to represent your production scheduling issues perfectly. If it doesn't fit your way of working, it will never be able to generate workable schedules. This means anything to do with production, especially your bottleneck resources and special constraints such as buffer tanks, shelf lives or changeover rules. But it may also include peripheral supply chain issues such as raw material sourcing or transportation constraints. The only solution that is capable of this is a solution that contains all the relevant information. The production schedule in Wahupa SCM is one model that is part of a larger planning fabric that guarantees plans and schedules are always aligned.

Please Note: Production Scheduling has not yet been released, but is on our product roadmap for the future.